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6th Jan 2020


Fleetwood Lifeboat Station





22nd FEB 2020

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6th May 2019

We have raised £272 at our Charity Quiz Night fundraiser on Saturday 4th May, We would like to thank Karen and her team for organising Quiz and also everyone that took part.


14th April 2019


The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group our looking for Volunteers to help with the restoration and preservation of The Ex Fleetwood Lifeboat R.N.L.B. Ann Letitia Russell. We also need Volunteers to help with fundraising and funding applications.

If you can help please contact us via email

or you can join us at our next meeting 10:30am 4th May at the boat.



17th Feb 2019

Last night’s 80years of The Ann Letitia Russell Celebration and fundraiser raised us £223.


Funding Update

13th January 2019

We have just submitted our application for funding from the Heritage Lottery Funding for funding towards the permanent home of the Ann Letitia Russell, a lot of hard work has gone into this hopefully we will be successful and we should here something back soon.

Thankyou to all that have help with the application and thank you to all that have filled in our online survey.



The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group

2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the Ann Letitia Russell arriving at Fleetwood and going in to service, The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group intend to mark this by holding a celebration and fundraising event on 16th February 80 years to the day since she first arrived in Fleetwood, the group will also be holding other events thought the year to celebrate 80 years of the Ann Letitia Russell, Information on this will be available at a later date.


Most of you will have noticed that not much work on the Ann Letitia Russell has taken place lately, this is because we are now at the end of the 1st part or our restoration, removing all the non-original lifeboat parts and conversions. Now we are at this point in the project the Ann Letitia Russell needs to be moved in doors to allow us to start to re build her as she originally was when she was a lifeboat.

The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group have now found a suitable building that can be used to for the next part of the restoration and be converted in to the permanent home of the Ann Letitia Russell creating the Ann Letitia Russell Lifeboat museum.

So, this means The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group have switched there focused slightly to securing the building and rising the required funding. Current estimated cost of creating the permanent home for the Ann Letitia Russell is £392,085.

Applications for funding are currently being prepared by The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group to submit to 2 big funders, Heritage Lottery Fund and Tesco’s Bags of Help Ground Works and these will be submitted in early January.

For more information on the permanent home of the Ann Letitia Russell please our page about the lifeboat museum on our website Where you can see are plans in more detail and also you can leave your feedback.


The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group are continuing to research the information required to restore the Ann Letitia Russell and her history, if you have any information or photos that could help the group please contact the group.


If you would like to find out more about the Ann Letitia Russell or would like to volunteer with us please visit our website or alternatively you could visit us at the boat on Saturday mornings between 10:30am & 12:30pm


The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group will be holding their next meet at the boat, Fleetwood Marina compound on Saturday 12th January at 10:30am, all welcome.


For more information regarding this please contact Rob Baines Secretary & Historian


11th Oct 2018

We now have a GoFundMe Page up and running for collecting online donations.


6th Sept 2018

Today we have sent out our first 16 funding applications and letters of sponsorship for the permanent home of The Ann Letitia Russell, It has been a long slow process getting to this point but now we can see we are moving in the right direction. We still have some more funding applications to apply for and we will be doing this over the next week. Hopfuly we will have some good new soon.


15th May 2018

The permanent home for the Ann Letitia Russell here is a little update. Me and Jeff Jackson our Chairman met with the current building owner a few months back to discus our plans and to start to negotiate a purchase price for the building, after a few months of long and hard negotiations we have agreed a discounted purchase price of £75,000 and we also now have a price of just over £200,000 to carryout all the required building works, this includes the replacement of the building front, cutting out and removel of part of the 1st floor to create a viewing balcony, the installation of a lift yo give wheelchair access to the 1st floor level, the installation of a rear fire exit, the installation of toilets including a disabled accessible toilet, the installation of a electrical system with renewable energy sources, a security and fire detection system and all the other building work required.

We are now working on the planning application and also working on the long and hard funding applications for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and from local Businesses.

Hopeful we will have more of an update with some good news soon.







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