The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group


Saving Fleetwoods Historic Lifeboat

Registered Charity No:1166752

19 January 1940 "Capella"

The R.N.L.B Ann Letitia Russell carried out her 2nd service launch & 1st Wartime service launch on 19th January 1940. The R.N.L.B. carried launched 10 time on service during World War 2. The R.N.L.B Ann Letitia Russell launched in to a force 9 South East gale in aid of the fishing boat “Capella” to land a body. Onboard The R.N.L.B Ann Letitia Russell were Coxswain Jeffery Wright at the helm and with Motor Mechanic Sydney Hill, Second Coxswain James Leadbetter Assistant Mechanic Richard Wright and Crewmen William Houston and 2 other Crewmen onboard.